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Why Choose Absolute Connections, Inc?

Absolute Connections, Inc. has been supporting customers in the educational field across New York State and Connecticut, since 2005. Absolute Connections, Inc. provides its customers with a wide range of services and solutions including: Audio-Visual, Networking, and Physical Security.


Absolute Connections, Inc. is well-positioned to offer a one-stop service, that meets its clients' requirements. From a stand-alone installation of a single product to a complete integrated system implementation. Our  experienced staff with our flexible processes ensure that our clients get  customized solutions to match their unique needs based on their embedded technology infrastructure.


We pride ourselves in our commitment to provide:

  • High-quality solutions while minimizing cost and avoiding unnecessary expenses

  • Skilled technicians that can work on most systems installed by our company or others

  • Preventative and proactive maintenance to optimize system performance and avoid downtime.

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